Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SKATING - Mass Montage: End of Summer 2011

Here's a massive montage from the last month or so of skating. I found that I just love sittin' back and watching skating with some tunes. No need for every clip to be a banger. It's a long one at over 10 minutes. But, if we skated together recently then there's probably a clip of you in here. This edit covers so much sick skating from skaters all over Cincinnati. Most of the footage is from the east side homies but there's shots of Louisville, Newport UndertheBridge, FLOPA and Matt Siimpson's back yard Mile High ramp.

Skating is always best when you are shredding with your homies. I'm pumped for every session and thankful to still be rolling in my geriatric state.

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Fickle Boards ltd said...

"Back in the day..." Quote from none other than Mark Nolan in the last three seconds.

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