Sunday, September 25, 2011

Terminal Union Update

My music project is rolling. Ian and I have gone quite a ways in 7 months. We've worked on finishing 13 original songs and have another 25 roots, alt-country, americana classics down cold. This project is turning into everything I was hoping when Ian and I first got together. We wanted to create something that was focused 100% on the music and creating. We moved away from the idea of catering to a bar crowd and instead focused on writing our own material and seeking out the places in Cincinnati that embraced it. So far it's working well. We booked our first Artist in Residency at Southgate House starting in October. We'll be playing every Wednesday night and inviting local artists to share the stage. We hope to see you there.

Here's some recent videos. The first is a new, original song I wrote last week. Ian put harmonies on it and we are really having fun playing it. We both feel this is a perfect example of the kind of the core sound we are going for.

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