Monday, March 19, 2012

Teminal Union Album Photo Shoot

Had a great time this weekend with Matt Jenkins in Dayton, OH shooting pics for Terminal Union's upcoming album, Making Arrangements. Matt is really talented and highly recommended for a down to earth photo shoot that yields professional results. Here is just a few of the photos we are starting to see from yesterday's shoot. Looking forward to the rest and getting them incorporated into the album design. Our album is still set for release on May, 4th, 2012 - at the grand-opening of the Plain-Folk Cafe with Rumpke Mountain Boys.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Another hallway recording using my Zoom H2 set at 196khz. This is natural reverb in a long, hardwood hallway with the mic about 5 feet away. I also added one of the cheesy, stock ProTools compressors called Maxim. I used the Radio Limiter preset. It definitely boosts things compared to my other tracks but I can't tell if it's just smashing it and destroying the dynamics. Either way, the sound is not too bad for a cheap home system.

Tomorrow Is A Long Time has always been one of my favorite Dylan tunes.

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