Monday, August 22, 2011


Got to let my body heal up a bit after going super hard the last few weeks. Goin' hard for an older dude doesn't mean throwin' myself down rails and gettin' crazy. It just means skating hard, non-stop, few breaks, 50-50s, feebles, frontside schralps, super-stretched out layback powerslides, marathon mini sessions, bowl sessions, trains CARVES!!!!! I can't be one of these totally chilled out rip masters who shred some mind-blowing flip trick then sit down for 15 minutes and start complaining that their K-Slims aren't tight enough. Old dudes know that you have to get it when you can - When you have a chance to skate, you have to. Unless your body won't let you.

Lately for me it's just back pain that forces me to take time off of skating. Taking time off is OK - it's good for your body and your mind. Let's you see things differently, helps you appreciate the times you are rolling and helps you think about your own longevity in skating. Will any of us be lucky enough to f/s grab carve the deep end when we are in our 60s? We really don't know yet. That's how young skating is. I think it's possible that we will see a fast growing group of older skaters reaching their 50s and 60s who are still stoked as ever and skating at advanced levels. Guys like Tony Alva at ~55 is doin' it hard still. I'm still ten years away from 50 but find myself consumed at times with skating longevity. I don't want to stop rolling. No skater does. But that's the beauty of life and skating in general. We are all only rollin' a short while so you got to get it while you can. There is no destination in skating - it's all a journey.

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