Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Devil's Toy - skating evolution

Trying to take in the enormity of the progression of skateboarding in the last 50 years. I found these two very early (~1965) skate films/shorts The Devil's Toy and Skaterdater. These are some of the first skate films ever made.

Times have changed but the spirit of skateboarding was evident in it's infancy. These kids were the early stoked-out pioneers - bombing hills barefoot with metal wheels on 2ft boards. Full on cop chases, getting booted, hassled. They had completely no idea what they were doing but they were doing it. So, skateboarding was rejected from the start yet skateboarders number in the millions today. Maybe because we're all feeling the same thing that's worth fighting for: that overwhelming feeling of joy, rush, living and freedom from simply rolling!

The Devil's Toy


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