Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Clark Jenkins album featuring Chris Walker: Listen!

Chris Walker was and will always be known as one of Cincinnati's most respected and beloved bass players...

He was a true musicians Musician if you know what I mean. For years Chris was one of Cincinnati's premier bass players in the local, performing and recording music scene. He played with everyone. I was always so drawn to him because he seemed to be driven entirely by music and he gave himself to that drive completely. There are few people who truly live that way. Chris sacrificed much to lead a life dedicated to music but no matter where he was playing he was always in the moment and in the song and at ease. That to me is a true musician's Musician.

Chops and style: Walker was in a league of his own.

The year of Chris' car accident I had been playing with him in a group called the Kelly Evans Trio. It was an original project fronted by a talented singer/performer. But, the group was led by Chris. When Chris called me the prior year and asked me to play B3 and keys with the group I was floored. At the time I was focused on playing out live and working on my Hammond and keys chops. It was a period where I was really trying to get my playing to the next level. Having him ask me to play in that group was an amazing confidence boost. I'll never forget that experience and the music we made. I learned so much playing with him.

One of the few live performance shots with Kelly Evans Trio/Quartet.
Stanley's Pub, 2006. Musicians: Kelly Evans, Chase Blowers, David Faul and Chris Walker

Around that same time my good friend Clark Jenkins from Big Whiskey was recording an album that Chris was playing bass on. The project was put on hold for quite some time after Chris' accident. After Chris' death last year Clark began re-work on the album that includes Chris' initial bass track recordings. It's been a really difficult project for him. I can't really imagine trying to do it myself. With help of lots of friends Clark is finishing up the album and he's just released the first six songs on his site. Please stop by and check it out.


I wanted to share one of the tracks from the album here on my site. 50 Miles is a song that Clark wrote and asked me to record Hammond B3 on back in 2007. The track features Chris' bass playing as well. For obvious reasons this song a total treasure to me. Thanks, Clark, for your work and dedication to get this album finished.

Hope you enjoy the track.

50 Miles : Clark Jenkins
musicians: CJ, Chris Walker, Joel Cotton, David Faul, Austin Spiegel, Mer Hogan, Chris Verbanic, Elton Clifton
Pre set shot before Kelly Evans Trio gig - Chase Blowers, Chris Walker, David Faul
Blue Whisp, Cincinnati
Midpoint Music Festival, 2006
...RIP Chris - you are missed by so many...


Diane Faul said...


Diane Faul said...

So beautifully said ~ Chris also had a smile that would light up the whole room and a peace about him that was contagious ~ it is so true, Chris is missed terribly but he lives on in our sweet memories and now with his music, thanks to Clark Jenkins ~

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