Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Ollies Edit

Branson and I had another great weekend at Ollies. It seems like a joke to have to pay to skate but when it's winter in the rust belt you do what you have to do. It's been brutal all winter long around these parts. It feels like most ground surfaces have been covered with water, ice or snow since before Thanksgiving. It's hard to think that spring is right around the corner. It's really not. We're still in the thick of it. In the meantime it seems that everyone is inundating YouTube with skate edits from Ollies. The options are limited out there this time of year.

So, here's some more clips from Ollies to throw into the pile. Actually, there is some really good skating in here - from both young and old. And don't forget to watch all the way through or else you'll miss a very special performance of John Brumley on Broom.

The best part about weekends at Ollies is just hanging out with my boy, my friends and meeting new people with a love for skating. We skate, sit, bs, someone gets broke off, someone learns two new tricks, we skate nearly every inch of the park. No one takes it too seriously yet everyone works on progression - from 6 year olds to 46 year olds. It's really like nothing else.

You won't find this vibe on a golf course - And no disrespect to the golfers of the world - My Grandpa, Branson Faul, my son's namesake, passed away on the 18th hole of Lunken's golf course in 1976 after a beautiful drive. He actually spoke of his love for golf and wanting to "go while playing" someday. That's the kind of passion that seems to have always guided my life.

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