Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Colerain Bowl Footage + Bonus Clip!

Here's some footage of Ethan's few runs in the new Colerain bowl. It's crazy to be skating a bowl while the coping is being installed up above you. In some of these clips you can see Tom's crew in action while Ethan skates. Since the coping was still being set we obviously couldn't get on it. But the walls and lines felt incredible. Bowl skaters in the Cincinnati area are really lucky for this gem. Thanks to Tom at Who-Skates for building this park and for allowing us the chance to check it out. You can see more of Tom's work here.

Looks like the rustbelt is finally getting a piece of the action that has been happening up and down the west coast for years; legitimate skateparks offering all terrain for all skill levels, built and designed well and most importantly CONCRETE. The new mega-bowl bowl up in Centerville is another example of world class building going on close by. The pre-fab ramp builders (pump and dump) are facing some tough times ahead. Think about this - there are places in Oregon where you can find 10 parks of Colerain and Centerville quality all within an hours drive of each other. That's a lot of concrete being poured. I think the time will come when we have the same offering around here. How about Northside and Newport? I know there are already people working to make that happen. Good things to come.

No more of this --- please think about the children - look how sad and confused:

Music: Greyboy Allstars - V-Neck Sweater

Sneak Peak: Colerain, OH Bowl Footage from David Faul on Vimeo.

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