Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Original Tune: One of the Ones - RIP Dave Corson and NiK Smith

"Fallen fruit ain't always rotten..."

RIP Dave Corson
Here's a brand new original tune written this summer. It's been an intense year with friendships and actually losing two close friends to tragic accidents. This song is dedicated to my musical partner Ian Mathieu, skater Nik Smith and life-long friend Dave (Big Daddy) Corson. This song is a reflection on friendship, life's struggles and seeing beauty for where it truly lies --- in our personal relationships and experiences with those close to us...regardless if it's perfect or not.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kauai Moon - For Jon Wright

Kauai Moon for Jon Wright. A traditional Hawaiian slack key style guitar song. I wrote and recorded this to the sound of the waves under a Kauai moon in Poipu.

I heard about our dear friend Jon Wright's terrible accident while in HI and have been thinking of him every day. I haven't seen Jon in many years but he was one of my first true musical partners in high school. We had many great times together. Jon is a one of a kind soul - wishing him a full recovery and knowing he'll be playing in the oceans and mountains again soon.

Jon, I've always thought of you. I knew you were one of the few who truly followed their dreams and passions.

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