Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Tribute to Miles Davis and Townes Van Zandt - Magnificent Sounds - with trumpet

Here is the near final version of Magnificent Sounds. Thanks to the following Cincinnati musicians for making this an extremely special recording to me.
Ian Mathieu - guitar
Michael Mavridoglou - trumpet
Jared Manker - bass
Brad Kelly - harmony vocals
Written and recorded by David Faul at Apple Hill Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Magnificent Sounds is a song I wrote as a testament to two of my musical heroes; Miles Davis and Townes Van Zandt. These two men couldn't have been more different in nearly every aspect of their lives and musical discography, however, they both stand alone and share the title of Icon for their genre of music.
With the help of Michael Mavridoglou on trumpet we tried to blend elements of jazz and folk into one song creating a sound beyond genre characterization. I'm blessed to have heard the music of the great jazz masters and folk song-writers. I believe the love of all genres of music is what shapes our musical journey in the most profound and engaging ways.


Anonymous said...

Awesome David... absolutely awesome!

-A. Dorn

Anonymous said...

Great song David! Shared it on facebook, hope you don't mind! Richard Pressl

dezzz said...

Great music, keep going.

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