Thursday, February 16, 2012

Terminal Union Album Recording: Louisville KY

Here's a video showing our recent trip to Liquid Sound Studios in Louisville KY. Owner and friend, Tyler Morrison, treated us well and even let us track on his 2" tape. Tyler is great and the best engineer I've ever worked with. He is experienced beyond his years and he's not even 30 yet.

Our project is turning into 12 original songs. 5 by Ian, 5 by me and two co-writes. We're hoping to have it out by this spring. Next session is scheduled for next week. Our focus is on the songs and really just getting an album out and into peoples hands. We are not interested in micro-managing an album and turning it into a major production. For Ian and I this album is all about the songs and when it comes down to it the songs can all be said with a guitar and vocal. Whatever we add on is going to be how we play live with minimal overdubs. For example, they'll be bass on most tunes and special features on others. Tyler laid down cello on Ian's Devil In the Details and it adds an amazing touch. But we are not going to get bogged down with that on every track. We want the album finished in two more sessions and it looks like we are on track.

The accompanying song is a brand new song I began writing during our Nashville trip. It's called Things I've Left To Do. This is a demo recording I made when I got home. I used my ZoomH2 recorder and recorded in my upstairs hallway. The natural reverb was great. This may be another song we sneak on the album. Hope you enjoy it.

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