Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Ode To Skating

skating, slamming, progression, style, ageless friendship.
Passion for rolling on wood attached to wheels, going fast,
power sliding, chirping, clipping, BOWLS, speed train carves -
Knowing your true dirty self through skating.

Some OLD lady looked me dead in the eye after a fly-out and
said, "It looks like magic." I replied back back to her, "It feels like
magic." She looked back with dark, sad eyes and asked, "It does?"

Skating is an ethereal gift to those on the sidelines - never
underestimate the power of what it can do in your own life.

Milk life.

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flycasual said...

Skate and Destroy....I hear you!!

Here's what's going on...Please check here before calling ;)