Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have Another Round (Courtesy of CPD) Covered in CityBeat

Mike Breen, long-time music editor of CityBeat, wrote another article about the Bones tragedy. This time he was kind enough to cover the work we did on our new song Have Another Round (courtesy of the CPD). In the article Mike talks about how musicians are coming together in order to keep Bones' cause front and center in the news.

Some good news along those lines: Just today the Cincinnati Enquirer ran a big article regarding past conduct of the officer who shot Bones. You can read it here:

Link to Cincinnati Enquirer Article

Link to Mike Breen's CityBeat Article

Here's an excerpt from Mike Breen's article regarding Have Another Round (Courtesy of the CPD):

"The recently formed Roots/Americana/AltCountry duo Terminal Union has recorded a song inspired by Bones and the sketchy circumstances surrounding the shooting. Members David Faul and Ian Mathieu weren’t best buddies with Bones, but the levity of the situation — and literal proximity to it — moved them to construct the song. With melancholic harmonica, percolating banjo and rich, expressive vocals, “Have Another Round” is an excellent, pure expression of the sadness, confusion and outrage that followed Bones way-too-early passing.

While Faul had never met Bones, Mathieu (a local music vet who recently relocated back to Cincinnati after some time in Nashville) had seen him perform when he was in bands during the ’90s and had a few drinks with him in the weeks leading up to his death. Mathieu was also living in Northside within a couple hundred feet of where the shooting occurred in early April. Faul says Mathieu woke up amidst the early morning commotion and looked down as paramedics drove up, checked the body and left in less than a minute.

Mathieu knew someone had died and the next morning he saw the reports that it was a police shooting. Faul says between that and the media retrospectives about the 10th anniversary of the police shooting of Timothy Thomas that sparked widespread unrest in Cincinnati had pushed Mathieu to begin writing a verse for a song. For more material and perspective, Mathieu attended the initial police press conference about the shooting. That’s when he found out it was Bones who had been killed.

“He was very put off that it just seemed like another day at the office for everyone attending the press conference,” Faul says. “This is what really got (Ian) worked up and inspired him that this was a song he needed to finish.”

Give “Have Another Round” a listen below and on Terminal Union’s ReverbNation page"

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