Saturday, April 2, 2011

Be Safe Out There - Heavy Slammin' -

Skateboarding is dangerous. Difficult. Not easy at all. Skateboarding hurts for everybody who tries it. You will slam many times very hard. If you are called by it you'll get up and continue the journey. Seasoned skaters speed through the streets and parks with the kind of ease and grace of a swallow. Always at ease yet always on toes. Although the ride is relaxed the navigating, computing mind never is. The instant you leave the moment is usually followed by the moment your body hits the ground. The best riders commit themselves in meditation to oneness with their boards at high speed. The best riders will still get hurt. Contrary to public opinion skateboarding is a thinking man's game with an added, sometimes heavy, twist of fate.

- Cincinnati skater Justin Gibson all zen'd out on a salad grind -
Ghetto Skateboards, FL

If skateboarding was easy everyone would be doing it. Skateboarding challenges every athletic and mental muscle in your body. Stay on your board and stay right in your head. Keep the moment forefront at all times. Remember what you are doing is a gift bestowed upon and given to very few. But, respect your limits and respect your intuition.

Please send all positive thoughts, vibes and prayers to my friend Kyle who took an incredibly heavy slam today and got a concussion and ruptured spleen. Kyle is a Vet, husband and all around generous and friendly guy. Sessions at Beech Acres are always better when he's around. Hoping he gets better soon.

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