Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Neil Young Warehouse Fire

When we lived in Half Moon Bay Neil Young was just sometimes part of the landscape. Neil's connection with the San Mateo coast and Half Moon Bay is clear in his play Greendale. That whole play was a take on being a coast-sider in a small, northern CA town. I was a major Neil fan long before we ended up in that part of the country. In some kind of child-like way I always felt privileged knowing one of my heroes shared the same beaches, trails and open space that I felt so connected to. A lot of my teenage years were spent huddled over my Neil records and my guitar. He's got one of the best acoustic styles of playing that lends itself well to beginning guitarists (still does to this day).

Here's some sad news I saw today about a fire in one of Neil's warehouses in San Carlos, CA. Apparently they were able to save 60% of the items but loses included guitars, recordings, cars, equipment:

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