Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dead of Winter - But signs of life everywhere

After nearly six months without recording capabilities I'm finally back up and running in the studio. The tones on the acoustic guitars, drums and Hammond B3 are sounding better than I remember. For my piano tracks I continue to go back to my Kurzweil PC2x controller running a MiniGrand PT plug-in.

Performed and recorded in Apple Hill Studios using Protools 8.03 with DIGI 002

Guitar: Martin OM-28V
Piano: Kurzweil PC2x running MiniGrand plug-in
Drums: Vintage Rogers kit, 1971

Stereo microphone recording on drums and guitar using Shure SM-81 and RODE NT-1000

Press play below to hear:
Dead Of Winter, David Faul, 1/2010

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